Professional Patent Illustrations and their role in a Patent Specification

Patent drawings or illustrations in patent applications are the pictorial arrangements of Patent description or Invention; they aid in understanding the invention evidently. They may contain an illustration of embodiments, flow charts, chemical equations, several views, reference numbers and photographs (in some cases) of the invention.
The drawings may be essential by the law to be in a manner, and the requirements may vary depending upon on the jurisdiction. The drawings must first show every feature of the invention as stated in the claims. Even though it may be distinguished that the presence of drawings in a patent application is not compulsory.

Importance’s of Patent Drawings

Although including drawings is not compulsory, one may be able to gain the importance of providing drawings in a patent application in understanding. An application with the simplest drawings is often an honest one for the justification of the invention. Good Illustrator makes good drawings that successively make the simplest patent. For a patent to be understood, drawings play a crucial role. Well drafted drawings improve the readability of the patent, which is additionally a statutory requirement laid down by many PTOs across the planet. Especially, Patents in technology fields like Mechanical, Life Sciences, Bio-Medical devices, etc., one might not be ready to understand the invention or patent without the assistance of accurately drafted drawings. Patent drawings are governed by rules specific to the Patent Office that let the drawings be later printed within the issued patent. Often, copies of conventional engineering drawings or just rough sketches are often used for the preparation and initial filing of an application. Although, eventually, formalized drawings must be submitted for design and utility patent applications so as to satisfy Patent Office requirements. Over the years, The Patent Drawing Services has developed deep expertise in preparing formal patent drawing for multiple jurisdictions from scratch and converting drawings of a jurisdiction in another jurisdiction. The Patent Drawing Services has a team of seasoned draftsmen who prepare drawings as per USPTO, Indian, European, Chinese, Korean, Australian, Japanese, and various other Patent and Trademark Office requirements. We have a vast experience in preparing illustrations associated with a variety of domains including Biotech, Pharmaceutical, IT, computers, telecom, electronics, mechanical, automotive and general utility. Using the newest tools, including AutoCAD, TurboCAD, CorelDRAW, and Visio, we've been delivering zero error top-quality drawings to law firms and company legal departments. Moreover, there are several issues concerning drawings because of which patent applications may be objected or not granted.
Some of the issues due to which objections may be raised are provided below:

 Drawings are not involved (if the invention cannot be understood without drawings);
 Drawings are not clear;
 Drawings does not show all the features of claims;
 Drawings have improper reference numbers;
 Drawings do not have all reference numbers which are mentioned in description;
 Drawings receive objections in a Notice of Draftsperson’s Patent Drawing Review;
 Drawings submitted with colour drawings or colour photographs without filing the required petition;
 Drawings were done with a pencil or other nonblack writing instrument, or on an ink- jet printer;
 Drawings were submitted in poor quality paper, easily erasable paper and translucent paper, among others;
 Drawings include incomplete erasures, graphic elements or text that have been overwritten with heavy lines;
 Drawings are done on papers of unacceptable size;
 Drawings done without proper margin;
 Drawings have lack of hatching in section or cut views;
 Drawings contains lead lines which crossing each other or other figures;
 Drawings have exploded view but not enclosed by a bracket;
 Drawings Split onto different sheets but numbered improperly;
 Drawings have section or cut view, but the section plane not included in general view;
 Drawings are in multiple orientations in a same sheet;
 Drawings are too small to show the details clearly;
 Drawings have poor shading; which does not show the shape or contour clearly of a design patent;
 Drawings are numbered in non-Arabic numerals (other than 1, 2, 3,..); and
 Drawings Objections in previous examination report are not cleared.

​In view of the prior discussion, it is vital to concede that patent drawings/illustrations
​​In view of the prior discussion, it is vital to concede that patent drawings/illustrations have to comply with certain predefined guidelines/standards. Failure to comply with the guidelines, and lack of information and skill essential for producing patent drawings can lead to objections being raised during patent examination, thereby resulting in increased patent prosecution time and cost.
The sample drawings provide an idea about how patent illustrations are to be made. “The Patent Drawing Services” provides patent illustration services.
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