Patent drawings are how inventors communicate the parts of their product, the steps in a process or the structure of a molecule to the public. Patent drawings are often the most important tool with which inventors teach the final drawings in your patent that need to comply with the guidelines set by the U.S. Patent Office. Those rules make it difficult to know if you should make your own drawings or have a professional draftsman do them for you. In case if you do decide to have a professional make your patent drawings it will always help if you start out drafting your own. When you apply for a patent, get the drawings right and you have taken one of the biggest steps towards getting the patent right. Get your professional patent drawings from

Although there is no fixed number of drawings required by the US. Patent Office. You will still need as many drawings as necessary to show the various parts of your invention, and if applicable, all of its stages of operation. The number of drawings also depends upon the feature of the claimed invention.

There are at least two broad types of patents. The most common type is a utility patent, which seeks to protect a process or the way the invention functions or operates. The next type of is a design patent, which seeks to protect the appearance of the invention.

This is the question which you ask yourself, "What am I trying to protect? a unique design and look OR the function of an invention?" In certain circumstances, you may be trying to protect the function of an invention as well as its unique look, in which you could apply for both types of patents. A utility patent protects an invention's function or process - what the invention does and how it does it. A design patent protects the look of an item - and only the look, not any functions. If your invention does not need a design patent, it likely needs a utility patent and if you are uncertain of what type of patent to apply for, contact us and our customer services representative will be happy to help you.

Just simply sign up on the order page and fill in all the required details and submit your request. You will get an order confirmation email and the formal drawings will be delivered within 3-5 working day on your email address. You can also place the order via email just send us your inputs to and we will process your order manually.

Yes, you can sign the NDA before placing the order, the NDA has been uploaded on the website you can review it and click on the check box and the NDA will be executed digitally. This will assure in confidentiality of the invention. In case you need the copy of the NDA then just send an email to we will.

The payment can be made via PayPal, credit card or wire transfer.

Yes, we have the arrangements of the invoice. Law firms and corporations can make the payment post-delivery of the drawings however in case individual inventors we only accept advance payments.

We accept all inputs be it rough/crude/handmade sketches, photographs, videos, writeup of the invention, screenshots etc. Call us on 215-866-4037 for any concerns.

No, you need not pay any extra amount even if your drawings are complex. Our pricing is fixed flat $25/fig and $35/fig for Utility patent and design patent drawings.

PTO accepts PDF format for all patent application however if you wish to receive other formats like AI, DWG, PPT, VSD, JPEG, CAD, CDR etc., We can also deliver these formats at free of cost.

NO, you need to pay any extra amount for the amendments/iterations. The iteration is FREE, and you will receive the revised drawing within 1-2 working days.

Yes, we have an arrangement discounts in an event if the volume of the drawings is large. Please contact us on 215-866-4037 to know about offerings on bulk orders.

Yes, we accept rush/expedite orders at just $10/figure. The formal drawings gets delivered within 24-48 hours.

Yes, we can create drawings for all countries and PTOs at no additional cost. Our draftsmen are well equipped and qualified to prepare the drawings for all PTOs.

Yes, we create the formal patent drawings as per the PTO rules and regulations. Our draftsmen are highly qualified and experienced. We had prepared more than 20,000 formal drawings over the years.

No worries, we will further modify the drawings as per the Office Action at FREE of cost.

Yes, you can directly speak to the draftsman and share your suggestions and feedback. The draftsman will prepare the drawings per your suggestion.

A provisional application will be advantageous when certain details of the invention need to be further developed or refined. By filing a provisional sooner, an earlier filing date is secured for whatever invention details currently exist. Any new subject matter can be added to a non-provisional application that will claim priority back to the provisional application. Provisional patent application is effective to stop the clock relative to so-called statutory bars and immediately upon filing a provisional patent application you can say you have a patent pending. Provisional patent applications, done properly, are a great way to take a first step toward a utility patent.Also the Provisional patent application helps protect the invention from being copied during the 12-month period before a formal patent application (Non-Provisional) is filed.

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